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 Flight of the Bumblebee

 Danny Boy

 William Tell Overture

Streamed Audio:

 I Got Rhythm

 Bless You

 Fields of Gold

 You're Getting To Be A Habit

 Mr Bass Man

 Ol' Man River


 All the Time

 Nobody's Moggy

 Danny Boy



The Demon Barbers

The Demon Barbers offer a memorable musical event. Their repertoire is diverse – British and American popular songs, spiritual and comedic to name but a few. The musical arrangements for this five man a-cappella group bring out the best in their virtuosity. Audiences across the UK have been captivated by the DB’s ability to switch musical mood – whimsical, witty, touching. Concerts have often been enhanced by specially commissioned pieces written by the Group. All this has helped the Group to re-define “light entertainment.”

Brilliant close harmony, an engaging and highly individualistic stage presence and delightful theatrical interpretations of songs will be the blend of entertainment to expect.

Do take advantage of the Videos and Audio Streams on this site.

We hope this site will give you a great indication of how the DB's can complement your concert season. Just follow the links to hear "taster" tracks of their music. Alternatively, go to the Downloads page to retrieve tracks in MP3 format.

Jeremy Birchall has established a Location Recording Service. For more information please visit: Sounds Special.